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The author (at right, with beard) and friends watching the Agustusan Karnaval in Batu.


Indonesian sundries (language, performing arts, pictures of temples, music samples)
Javanese gamelan and related subjects. Notations last updated March 2015
Friends Old and recent pictures of friends.
Yayasan / Stichting Ilex (Indonesische Lexicografie)/ Ilex Foundation Home page of the Ilex foundation (in Dutch)

LITERACY.EXE en help files (automatische extractor).
Met dit programma kun je je 'literacy' laten berekenen. Freeware.
With this program (in Dutch) you calculate your 'literacy'. Freeware

Indonesische online publicaties/Indonesian online publications:

Jakarta : Tempo Interactive Jakarta : Kompas Online
Jakarta : Republika Jakarta : Jakarta Post (English)
Bandung : Pikiran Rakyat
Yogya : Suara Pembaruan Leiden : KITLV/RNISACS home
Surabaya : Jawa Pos
Denpasar : Bali Post Cari di Kompas : di sinilah WWW Indonesia : Index SoloPos : di sini

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